Here’s the basic idea: Pigeons and Planes is a music discovery site, brought to you by COMPLEX. It's where you can keep up with new music, across all genres and from all corners of the globe. We put you on to good music made by good artists, whether they’re established stars or rising newcomers.

We get asked what the name “Pigeons and Planes” means a lot. The idea was to incorporate two things that are complete opposites but also have something in common. In this case that common thing is flight. A pigeon is the perfect symbol for the starving artists who are trying to survive in a world that wasn’t made for them. They’re mostly ignored, mostly unwanted, and there are a lot of them. It’s a tough life, but they survive however they can and when the time comes, they take flight.

The planes represent the mainstream artists—finely tuned machines associated with major corporations, a global reach to the masses, and serious money. We could stretch this on for days, but use your imagination. Pigeons and Planes.


Contact Info:

Music submissions: submissions@pigeonsandplanes.com

Writers with ideas (please no music): pitches@pigeonsandplanes.com

Feel free to hit us up about anything. Enjoy the site.