At only 22 years old, Philly rapper Lil Uzi Vert represents the youth. Just like Lil Yachty, he defies conventions and attracts just as much disdain as he does admiration. He’s on his way to becoming rap’s next big superstar, and it's not just because of of one or two hits, either. He’s had a prolific two years since initially gaining widespread attention in 2015, and his next project is shaping up to be a major moment for the young artist.

Uzi is exactly the type of rapper that the streaming era needs, bringing equal parts fun and real emotion. Although he’s a “real hip-hop” fan’s worst nightmare, his appeal is immediate and vast. With so much music coming out at such a rapid rate, however, it can be hard for casual fans to keep up.

Offering those who haven’t got into Uzi’s world just yet the chance to play catch-up to some of his finest work, we ranked the rising superstar's ten best songs—so far.